Indra will develop the Traffic Management System of the railway network in Estonia

Eesti Raudtee, the state-owned company that manages the Estonian railroad network, has awarded Indra a contract amounting to 18.4 million euros to carry out the design, development, implementation, and start-up of the system that will manage and control the rail traffic on the 1,214 kilometers national railroad network.

The contract, awarded by an international public tender procedure in which Indra achieved the best technical and economic score, includes the system maintenance for two years after the start-up of the last line, scheduled for 2025, opening the door to a long-term collaboration and maintenance.

The solution offered by Indra integrates centralized traffic control, planning, and regulation, facilitates automation, improves the network use, reduces operating costs, and enhances safety, traveler services, punctuality, incident management, and maintenance.