Indra will improve the experience of amsterdam’s public transportation users

GVB, the authority operating the municipal public transportation network in Amsterdam, awarded Indra a contract to install its ticketing technology for the underground, streetcar and bus network of the Dutch capital, with the purpose of improving user experience.

Indra’s proposal has been selected in a public request for proposals in which another seven international companies participated, from countries such as Hungary, France, Germany, Sweden or Holland. One of the aspects that was viewed as essential during the tender process was the company’s state-of-the-art proprietary technology, backed by many top companies around the world, which offers a flexibility that allows it to be fully adapted to the conceptual design proposed by the client, solely focusing on the user, as well as the company’s capacity to develop and implement the solution in a record time of less than two years.

Specifically, Indra will install more than 130 automatic ticket vending machines, which include units that accept payment in cash and with a credit card at underground stations, as well as units that only accept credit cards in underground stations and at streetcar or bus stops. The new systems and equipment will make it easier for users to purchase their tickets, with a more comfortable and simpler ticket purchasing system, reducing the purchase transaction time to the bare minimum.

Future business opportunities are opened for Indra in Amsterdam and in the Netherlands, since its reference product is potentially valid for the entire Dutch transportation network.