INGETEAM has already more than 20 references in the field of the energy recovery systems

sistema de recuperacio de energia-Ingeteam
sistema de recuperacio de energia-Ingeteam

INGETEAM is aware of the challenges currently faced by railways operators and of the growing interest on improving energy efficiency of rail systems.

The main causes are to strength the railway position as the most ecological transport and to reduce the operating costs of the operators.

As an expert in the development and supply of solutions to improve energy exchanges, INGETEAM offering to the rail sector is completed with INGEBER® energy recovery system that contributes in terms of maximum utilization of the energy present in the railways system. Our 10-year experience, having more than 20 references installed, most of them in Europe, allow us to offer a solution proved and tailor-made to each operator´s needs.

The INGEBER system enables all the limitations associated with the return of energy from the units to be overcomed. The system, dimmensioned thanks to the energy analisys and simulations continuously monitors the catenary until it detects the point at which there is braking energy from one vehicle that is unable to be used by another vehicle. At this time, the system extracts the energy from the catenary and transforms it according to the quality parameters of the supply grid so that this energy can be injected into the grid, used by the operator or stored, according to the needs.