INGETEAM has consolidated its position on the Railways sector during 2018


  • New facilities for manufacturing and test benches for traction converters.
  • +50 High Power INGETRAC converters for locomotives.
  • +300 Medium Power INGETRAC converters for EMUs.
  • Commissioning of first converters for a new multi-voltage platform for special vehicles.

The investments made during 2018 have showed the consolidation on the railways market. The group has invested on a 5,500 m2 manufacturing plant, where all the INGETRAC traction converters will be manufactured, with additional capactity to make tests and protyping tasks. Alongside, a new system test facilitiy for traction systems for rolling stock was inaugurated early in 2018 and is now at full operation.

INGETRAC High + Medium Power

During 2018, INGETEAM manufactured traction converters for electic locomotives powered 2.8 MW for the Polish market, having supplied more than 50 converters of its kind.On those vehicles, traction converters are located on board,water-cooled and integrate the  auxiliary inverters.

Another supply to be underlined this year, is the traction converter for  5-car Emu (Line Voltage: 3kV); the INGETRAC Medium Power converters are located on the vehicle´s roof, are air-cooled and have auxiliary converters integrated.  By the end of year, INGETEAM has delivered more than 300 traction converters for EMUs at 3kV line voltage.

The concept design proposed by INGETEAM is based on an smart integration of standardized and proved modules that integrate all necessary elements. This will allow to adapt the traction converter to the particular technical and physical vehicle´s requirements.

Both traction converters have been submitted to combined system tests and temperature, noise and different tests on the new traction facilities.

INGETRAC traction converter for Multi-voltage Special Vehicles

INGETEAM has also supplied INGETRAC multi-voltage traction converters for an innovative hybrid  diagnostic vehicle , that can work on different catenary systems.

INGETEAM has already commissioned the first delivery, a process that was specially complex due to coupling with the different energy sources and diagnostic equipments.

The converter for special vehicles can also work on eletric traction, diesel and/or battery, allowing great service versatility.