Jaipur metro

The network consists of two phases, the East-West Corridor and the North-South Corridor.

◗ Number of lines: 2
◗ Number of stations: 31
◗ Number of daily passengers:210,000 (Phase I)
◗ Manager: Nihal Chand Goel, Chairman & MD
◗ Operator: Jaipur Metro Rail Corporation (JMRC)
◗ Length 32.5 km

The agency responsible for operating the metro is Jaipur Metro Rail Corporation (JMRC). Jaipur Metro is currently under con­struction and 2 phases are distinguished:

Phase I
East-West Corridor, Mansarovar – Badi Chau­par with a length of 12,067 km. It has been developed following the EPC model.
◗ Phase I-A (Mansarovar – Chandpole): JMRC agreed on 05-08-2010 with DMRC to build the section belonging to the Phase I-A en­compassing a total of 9,718 km. Construc­tion began in November 2010. Completion is expected by the year 2016-17.
◗ Phase I-B (Chandpole to Badi Chaupar) has a length of 2.3 km and JMRC has been cho­sen to develop it.

Phase II
North-South Corridor, Chandpole – Badi Chaupar with a length of 23.099 km. It will be developed following the PPP model.
◗ Phase II-B: It is proposed to be developed following the PPP model.

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