JEZ Sistemas Ferroviarios is voestalpine Railway Systems JEZ

The company Talleres y Fundiciones JEZ, established in 1924, the historic “JEZ”, is today voestalpine Railway Systems JEZ. In 1948, the great development of the project drove the founders to acquire land in Llodio, where the facilities were relocated. In 1994, the company joined voestalpine group, becoming a part of it and guaranteeing its projection and development.

The company is committed to the designing, manufacturing, supplying and maintenance on track of all types of manganese steel switches and railway track systems for railways and tramways. The technical department and R&D assures the design and production of turnouts and its components and the creation of registered patents. voestalpine Railway Systems JEZ products are a part of the “Corredor del Mediterráneo”, high speed networks of Spain and Saudi Arabia and the main Spanish, European and American subway and tram networks.

Currently focused on the development of new guided urban mobility systems with rubber tyre, the group provides solutions for railway infrastructure systems and offers products, logistics and exceptional services for rail, turnout, fixation and signalling and monitoring applications.