Kelox signs a contract for the supply of cafeteria equipment with NIppon Sharyo

KELOX IRT USA- subsidiary of KELOX, SA- Spanish company with the participation of Grupo Flores Valles-, signed a $10 M contract to provide cafeteria equipment of 26 cars that will be manufactured by Nippon Sharyo Manufacturing –American subsidiary of the Japanese Nippon Sharyo, integrated in Nippon Sharyo USA- in its plant in Rochelle (Illinois). These cars will have two floors and they have been acquired by a consortium made up of five states (California, Illinois, Missouri, Iowa and Michigan), for which they have federal funding. This contract includes the option to supply more than 100 cars in them coming years.
KELOX USA won the tender by offering equipment of a quality design and technology, being the first company to provide it with the new material specifications developed by the Next Generation Equipment Committee (NGEC), in the framework of the Passenger Rail Investment and Improvement ACT (PRIIA) and led by Amtrak, which places KELOX in an excellent position for future tenders in the United States. Since the rail equipment is going to be financed in part with federal funds, an essential point for the Spanish company was implementing them with the requirements of Buy America, for which it has constituted a joint venture with the American industrial group TBJ, the main provider responsible for the manufacturing and mounting of equipment in its plant in Chambersbug. All aspects related to the engineering, design and project management will be responsibility of KELOX Spain. This joint venture, -Kelox IRT USA, LLC-, is mostly of Spanish capital, headquartered in Chambersburg.