New tool for galley managemenPhone: GMS

Kelox presents at Innotrans 2018 the GMS automatized solution. The galley is a food service area where the crew prepares, heats, and cools meals for passengers. The electrical cabinet is composed of: – Electrical and communications interfaces – Electrical protection systems – Galley Management System (GMS) The main function of GMS is to monitor, control, and perform data storage of all galley functional modules or subsystems. The GMS is an automatized solution based on a central unit with local I/O and a remote CAN with I/O distributed. The control can be integrated in the train Ethernet network in order to provide maintenance task information. Each user has a customizable profile controlling access and system permissions for the PLC, from locals HMI (touch screen) and  from PC through the web server embedded in the GMS. The GMS is a Satys designed solution for functional or subsystems modules of the galley/ restaurant areas within the train. Its main features are: • Comply with Rolling stock standards EN50155 y EN45545-2 • Uses communication buses such as: RS232/485, CAN, MVB, Profibus, Ethernet TCP/IP, TRDP, Ethernet IP, CIP and IPTCOM • Internal structure is modular configuration with I/O signals and interfaces. It allows many different applications • Multiple I/O modules (digital/analog, output relay, motor control, audio messages, etc.) • Software compatible with standard IEC61131 and program with C/C++ • Web server embedded for remote diagnostics and monitoring.
The GMS advantages are: Improvements in Predictive Maintenance, RAMS & LCC: – Status and Performance of all systems and subsystems – Failure Modes (normal, degraded, emergency) – Individual system and subsystem operating duration and number of cycles -Pressure and temperature of the cooling circuit -Tank level status for oil, gas, and water.