Kimua Group announces the opening of its new R&D Hub


While in the pursuit of a forward-looking goal of becoming an international reference centre in terms of heavy-loads handling, Kimua Group announces the opening of its new R&D Hub. Services like engineering and testing will be centralized in this new facility, as well as a new business unit destined to complete the current service portfolio: advanced training courses on heavy lift and lashing.

In the R&D Hub located in the Basque Region, Northern Spain, Kimua Group will bring together engineering state-of-the-art design software and in-house-made testing developments covered under the umbrella of Lamia 4.0, a completely modular and monitored 1,000 Ton test bench.

The new R&D Hub will soon be the heart of Kimua Group, the place from which the organization will keep providing effective solutions and services for handling rolling stock inside a factory, improving logistics and enabling complicated maintenance operations.