Kimua Group completes the first installation of the new generation of working platforms

Talgo chose Kimua Group to install the new line of working platforms at the Rivabellosa factory.

The new generation of automatic platforms created by Kimua is the result of many years of experience and collaboration with clients such as Talgo, where Kimua Group has installed more than eight lines of working platforms.

The installation consists of two working platforms, with a total length of more than 20 metres and a total width of 17 metres. They share the central area, with an area of 100 square metres, maximising the space, being able to work on two cars simultaneously and thus improving work flows.

The new generation automatically adapts to the height, width and geometry of the cars, thanks to pneumatic, hydraulic and electric drives. This flexibility makes it possible to work on any type of car, optimising the process and making the work safer and more ergonomic.