Kochi metro

Kochi is the first city with less than 2 million people that is constructing a metro network.

◗ Number of lines: 1
◗ Number of stations: 23
◗ Number of daily passengers: 381,868 (2015)
◗ Manager: Elias George, MD
◗ It is expected to be operational: second semestre 2016
◗ Operator: Kochi Metro Rail Limited
◗ Length: 25.612 kms

The Indian central government and state of Kerala formed the joint venture Kochi Metro Rail Limited (KMRL) to build and give maintain­ance services to a metro network covering 25.6 km. This line will contain 23 stations and it is expected to carry 381,868 passengers per day in 2015 and 550,000 passengers per day in 2033. The first phase began on June 7th, 2013 and is expected to be completed by June 7th, 2016.

For the operational phase of the Metro, the or­ganism Kochi Kochi Metro Rail Ltd. (KMRL) was created, an SPV formed on 30-11-2011 through the Joint Venture between the State and the Central Government.

Phase I will be developed through an EPC and, regarding future phases of the Project no plan has been specified. The total cost of the project is Rp. 5146 crore, for which the Government of Kerala (GOK) and the Government of India (GOI) have provided each the amount of Rp. 785.50 crore, 16% of total expenditure. Also, KMRL has received a loan from the JICA ascending to Rp. 2170 crores, 44% of the total expenditure. In February 2014, the Agence Francaise de Dével­oppement signed an agreement for a loan of 180 million euros with the Indian government

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