LADICIM-University of Cantabria: Spain Brand with quality seal

The Materials Science and Engineering Laboratory (LADICIM) of the University of Cantabria (UC) -pioneering laboratory with international recognition (UNE-EN ISO/ IEC 17025 and document CGA-ENAC-LEC) to test elements of the railway superstructure as fastening systems and sleepers-, has extended its accreditation scope to verify the quality of rail welds from the mechanical and micro-structural point of view.

This quality recognition places the LADICIM-UC as the experimental reference center for many international companies and different railway administrations. Proof of this is its contribution in the assurance of the stability and control of innovative prototypes solutions in tracks of special relevance: high speed tracks in Spain; the high-speed track in Saudi Arabia for the section between the holy cities of Medina-Mecca; the development of the north-south route of the same country; the lines for heavy houl transportation in the United States and Canada; or passenger and freight transport lines in Ethiopia and Senegal, among other international interventions.