LeadMind Energy Efficiency

Leadmind, CAF’s digital platform, classifies and compares massive amounts of information.

CAF wants to continue promoting the leadership of the railway sector as the most efficient mode of transport from an environmental point of view. To this end, using digitalization and 4.0 technologies as levers, CAF seek to fulfill our commitment to sustainability while offering our clients the efficiency that provides them with competitive advantages in their corresponding services.

LeadMind, CAF’s digital platform, regards and stores data from the train and others sources, classifies and compares massive amounts of information, identifies patterns and automates processes to reach the most efficient and profitable solutions; all from a simple interface, with the best user experience, designed by and for the railway sector.

One of LeadMind’s most innovative modules is the Energy Efficiency one which allows the visualization of the fleet or specific Unit’s consumption  by mode of operation and driving. The dashboards offer in a quickly and structured way the energy consumed in traction, auxiliary systems and regenerated energy, showing its development over time according to date, driver, driving mode, route or normalized by kilometres. Allowing the solution’s users to compare operating conditions according to the route and be able to analyze the causes of anomalous consumption, providing a new approach of display their operation in order to make the best decisions. It is important to highlight that all the information is used by CAF to improve designs and develop energy-efficient trains.

LeadMind provides concrete and reliable information to implement action plans aimed at reducing energy consumption, thus achieving greater operational efficiency, increasing competitiveness and improving corporate image.