Line 10 of Metrovalencia in revenue service

On May 17th, Line 10 of Metrovalencia was opened for revenue service. This new tramway line links the city centre with the Nazaret quarter, serving also the “Arts and Sciences City” facility. Valencia’s mayor was joined by the president of the autonomous community and the general manager of the region’s railways, FGV, Anaïs Menguzzato.

Line 10 runs along five kilometres of tracks, serving three underground and five surface stations to cross the city in around 15 minutes. The Signalling and Automatic Train Control solution has been designed, manufactured, installed, tested and commissioned into Revenue Service by an ENYSE/ELECTRANS consortium. The system provides the end user FGV with remarkable advantages in the included sub-systems, including its integration and a migration plan for the upgrade of the existing lines – granting the success of the implementation plan. It’s also worth mentioning a thorough use of the BIM technology throughout the project.

From a technological standpoint, the contract includes the first commissioning in Spain of an Operational Control Center based on an Open Platform. Enyse’s ENYSIC OA system manages the main sub-systems of the project – ATP, CTC and the Exploitation Aid Systems EAS, with a high degree of connectivity and scalability, whilst providing great flexibility to adapt to the operator’s different functionalities.

The contract moves on now to upgrade the existing Signalling and Telecommunication systems for lines 4, 6 and 8. By the end of the project, Metrovalencia network will be equipped with an ENYSIC OA Centralized Traffic Control controlling 26 km of network with 51 stations, 44 trains and 2 depots.