Line 2 Metro de Lima

The path of line 2 will go from East to West and will connect 13 districts. Works began last December and is estimated to be operational in 2020.

The works of Metro Lima’s Line 2, along with the branch of line 4, includes the construction of 35 kilometres and 35 subway stations that will be completed in mid-2020. Line 2 will be 26.87 kilometres long, covering the East-West town. Starting in the district of Ate and ending at the port of Callao, the line will connect with 11 more districts: Santa Anita, San Luis, El Agustino, La Victoria, Brena, Jesús María, Cercado de Lima, San Miguel, La Perla, Bellavista, Carmen de la League, ben­efiting approximately 2.4 million people. In addition, line 4’s branch to the air­port will be built with a length of 8 km underground from Avenida Faucett to Avenida Néstor Gambetta, northbound. In addition, 8 stations will be built. When in operation, it will carry more than one million passengers daily between the district of Ate, located in the east of Lima and Callao port in just 45 minutes. Today, this journey takes two hours.

In addition to lower transportation time, the system will be safer and more effi­cient in environmental terms.

The project will begin operations with 42 fully automatic trains, each with capacity to carry 1,200 passengers at a frequency of three minutes during rush hour.

Access to the train will be fully automat­ed with universal access, electric and me­chanical escalators, elevators, permanent security and shall be accessible to people with disabilities. Choosing a subway sys­tem will allow less impact on the life of the city as well as a true urban transfor­mation.

Spanish participation

This line 2 of Metro de Lima is a project that is under a public-private partnership and is considered the most important in­vestment in the history of Peru infrastruc­ture.

Once again, the brand Spain is present in the project. A consortium led by ACS and FCC has won the contract for the design, construction, finance, operation and maintenance of the line, amounting to 3,900 million euros. The consortium (called New Metro de Lima) is led by Dra­gados and Iridium, company Cosapi. Also, Metro de Madrid participates as advisor to the project.

The deadline for the construction phase is five years, followed by the operation phase that will take 30 years.

Moreover, the Spanish company Typsa will take care of the constructive design of the section of Line 2 between Benavides Sta­tion, located near the intersection of Av. Amezaga with Av. Benavides, to the port of Callao, and of the entire branch in line 4 (Av. Faucett-Av. Gambetta). In these sections, Typsa is responsible for the de­sign of all elements of the subway system and the necessary ancillary works, involv­ing a total of 14 km of tunnel with TBM and 14 underground stations excavated by the system cut & cover.

Project phases

The line will be developed in 3 phases:

◗ Phase 1A. Between Ate and Via Evi­tamiento (Santa Anita), the line will be completed, according to current esti­mates, in the second quarter of 2016. TBMs will be used with the traditional method and the excavations carried out in parallel. Due to the depth at which operate underground, between 10 and 25 meters, its impact on the outside will be minimal in terms of noise, vibration and emissions. About 15 meters per day will be excavated with these TBMs and therefore it will be possible to finish in schedule the 27 kilometres of tunnels that Line 2 has, as well as the 8 kilome­tres in line 4’s branch.

◗ Phase 1B. Bolognesi Square to City of Ate, scheduled to enter in 2017. The tunnels will be carried out by traditional methods except the extension of Javier Padro, which will be carried out via the cave method.

◗ Phase 2. Murillo Park to Puerto del Callao and branch line 4, scheduled to be commissioned in June 2020.