Line 3 Metro de Lima

The connection between the south and north of the city of Lima will take place with line 3. Although currently there is a pre-investment phase, Lima’s Metro is estimated to have a length of 30 km.

Line 3, connecting the south and north of the city, is one of the six lines pro­vided by the Basic Network of Metro de Lima. In December 2010, it was ap­proved as part of the implementation of a transport system aimed at correcting the imbalances in public transport and gradually solve the problems of urban communication in Lima and Callao. It is a line which, according to ProInversión (a public private investment), will have an investment of 4,500 million euros.

Thanks to this line, at least six districts of the capital will benefit from it. Line 3 will go through Avenida Alfredo Bena­vides, Avenida Larco, Avenida Arequipa, Avenida Garcilaso de la Vega, Avenida Tacna, Avenida Pizarro, Avenida Túpac Amaru, Avenida Rosa de America, and finally Avenida Universitaria.

Granting line 3 includes the development of the definitive engineering studies (de­sign), financing, construction, electrome­chanical equipment, rolling stock acqui­sition, operation and maintenance of the 32 kilometres long track.

Although there is still no date for the period of the concession, there is a co-financing defined. Therefore, there will be financial contribution from the State.

In April 2013 the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC) commis­sioned ProInversión the process of pro­moting private investment in the im­plementation and development of the proposed line. Therefore, ProInversión signed in October 2014, a comprehen­sive consultancy contract with Metro­Tres Consortium, composed by Ingerop Conseil et Ingenierie, Pricewaterhouse­Coopers Corporate Finance, Pricewa­terhouseCoopers S. Civil de RL, Bustren PM, Alpha Consult and Metropolitana Milanese, for the studies of the project. Such pre-investment studies (profile and feasibility) search making a diagno­sis and estimation of demand from pri­mary sources, which will be obtained by investigations and field measurements, and develop the technical and opera­tional approach of the project, as well as its costs and benefits.

Currently, the consultant is preparing the pre-investment study of the project, which aims to identify the best option (six to be evaluated) in relation to its relevance, social profitability and sus­tainability, among the possible alterna­tives. Once approved, the deadline for adjudication, route navigation and in­vestment demand can be announced. As confirmed by ProInversión Andina, this study will be ready early in the second quarter of this year.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Transport and Communications said the govern­ment also awarded the concession of line 3 by July 2016.