Line 4 Metro de Lima

The east-west corridor will be conducted by Metro de LIma’s line 4, connecting also with the international airport.

Lima’s line 4 constitutes an east-west corridor, benefiting the popu­lation of at least ten districts in its area of direct influence. It will connect the district of Ate -Vitarte in the province of Lima, Jorge Chavez International Airport in Callao, specifically south­westerly along Javier Prado Avenue to La Marina Avenue, then towards the northwest on Elmer Faucett Avenue. It is estimated that the east-west under­ground section will be approximately 30 kilometres.

The project will be implemented via a public-private partnership and the win­ner will be responsible for the engi­neering design, financing, construction, supply of electromechanical equipment, rolling stock acquisition, operation and maintenance.

According to the ProInversión’s web­site, on February 27th the consortium composed by Euroestudios S.L , Geo­control Andina S.A.C, Geocontrol S.A , Tec – Cuatro S.A – Sucursal Peru , Con­sultoria Kapak S.A.C , Logit Engenharia Consultiva Ltda Y Qursor S.A.C won the Buena Pro for studies of metro line 4 with an economic proposal of 15 mil­lion euros.

This new contractor is responsible for the preparation of pre-investment studies for obtaining viability, as well as advising on the development and promotion of the Comprehensive Pro­ject Contest for the Project Concession. The bid opening will take place presum­ably along this current year.