Mafex celebrates the second of the sectoral market forums dedicated to the potential of the French railway market

The Association of the Spanish Railway Industry has celebrated the first of the forums that will be launched this year with the aim of serving as a key mechanism of sectoral dynamisation, and that are emerging as a meeting place between the organisations that make up the value chain of the railway sector. On this occasion it has been focused on international markets and, in particular, in France.

Pedro Fortea, the General Director of Mafex, the Association of the Spanish Railway Industry carried out during the morning 10th February the opening of the second of the sectoral Forums focused on international markets, and specifically, in France.

The day was structured in several blocks. In the first of them, Joan Gasol presented the study carried out on France and the opportunities it offers for Mafex partners. Next, Luis Fernández, Director of Sales and Business Development of Ground Transportation Systems at Thales France, presented Thales’ vision of the French railway market. The following block counted on the participation of two Mafex partner companies. Specifically, Mikel Torrecilla, Area Export Manager of Geminis Lathes, Gustau Castellana, Commercial Director of La Farga YourCopperSolutions and Ricardo Corral, Commercial Director of Mieres Rail, shared their experience in the country emphasising the importance of identifying and knowing well the objectives to be addressed to offer value-added products and services that are appropriate when positioning themselves as the best option.

The French railway network is the second largest in Europe, only behind the German one, and it is a mature, stable, high-volume market with a well-defined project calendar.
During the session, the “Grand Paris Express” project, considered the largest infrastructure project in Europe, was presented, as well as the urban projects planned in various cities.

This interest and commitment of the railway industry to the aforementioned market has been reflected in the participation of more than 35 representatives of companies in the sector.