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Mafex expands the number of partners with the incorporation of new companies

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Mafex continues to grow and expand the number of partners with the recent incorporation of companies and technology centres such as the Gaiker Foundation, Revenga Ingenieros, Eurogestión and Kimua Group. With these new additions, the number of 78 associates is reached. The new members are:


Consulting company focused on the transport market and renewable energies. With a high degree of specialisation in the railway sector, they develop tailor-made applications that allow the automation of data processing to build an information system that provides value to its customers. They also have a set of computer support tools that help them carry out their management.

Gaiker Foundation:

This is a private non-profit making organisation, devoted to research and the provision of technological and innovative services for companies. Since its inception in 1985, it has contributed to the technological development and competitiveness of businesses through learning and specialisation and ultimately transferring technologies related to our Areas of Knowledge: Biotechnology, Environment, Recycling and Plastics & Composites to the members of our Foundation and our clients.

Kimua Group:

This group develops solutions for the following sectors: onshore wind energy, offshore wind energy, rail, marine energy, oil and gas, aerospace, large components and heavy machinery, science. They machine large tools that are then put to the test in Lamia, their testing bench capable of handling up to 1,000 tons. They provide ergonomic solutions, easy to transport and store that optimise logistical processes.

Revenga Ingenieros:

Revenga Smart Solutions started in 1972 as Revenga Ingenieros SA As of 2006, the Revenga Group was formed, which through four business lines / companies serves the Transport (GRTechnologies), Security (Triedro), Telecommunications (3dnet.es) and Energy (Ge2) sectors. Currently they are integrated under a single brand and company, Revenga Smart Solutions, focusing on the transport, telecommunications and security sectors.


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