MAFEX members with urban projects in India

Ardanuy Ingenieria has participated in the following projects: Electrifica­tion Project for line 7 of Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC). Extension of Line 2 of DMRC. Metro Bombay consultancy services. Bidding on detail projects for the Corridor Gharkopar-Mulund and the expansion of the corridor Ghatkopar -Hutatma. Bidding project for the Design and Construc­tion of the branch Bhaupur-Khurja in the Eastern Freight Corridor (DFCC East Corridor). Currently, Ardanuy Ingenieria is performing the follow­ing: Project Management Consultancy (PMC) for the design and construction of the track, signaling and telecom­munication, electrification, SCADA, and testing and commissioning for the electrified double track in the Eastern Freight Corridor (DFCC East Corridor). Project for the electrification of Line 1 of Kochi Metro Rail Corporation (KMRC). It is also currently bidding for the Light Rail Transit Project (Phase I) in the town of Thane.

Delhi Metro Rail Corp awarded in 2008 the contract for the rolling stock of the Airport Metro Express Line to CAF. It consists of 8 units of electric trains formed by 6 cars. The trains began pas­senger service in August 2010, connect­ing Indira Gandhi International Airport to the central station in New Delhi.

The company participated in the Remote Control System for the Network Electrification of New Delhi’s Metro.

Cetest has carried out trials for vari­ous Indian customers (BEML, Indian Railways and Chittaranjan Locomotive) in 2014. As part of the safety valida­tion against derailment (according to EN 14363: 2005), rotational resistance tests for cash-bogie for the train manu­facturer BEML were made (Jaipur Metro project) and also for Indian Railways (sleepers), in BEML’s facilities in Banga­lore. In early 2015, this company is also expected to perform tests for electro­magnetic compatibility (EMC) for Delhi Metro cars manufactured by BEML. On the other hand, Cetest has imple­mented electromagnetic interference measures (EMI) in a unit of Chittaranjan Locomotive in Chittaranjan (EN 50121-3-1: 2006 and EN 50238: 2010).

Indra has been awarded in recent years several contracts to implement its contactless ticketing technology in Calcutta’s Metro, on the monorail and metro of Mumbai and on the new light rail service to Delhi’s airport. In the case of Calcutta, Indra has col­laborated on the development of the project with CRIS, becoming a technol­ogy partner of this company, created by the Ministry of Railway of India and responsible for the technological development of the country’s railways, Indian Railways (IR).

Project for the design of measures to control cross over the tracks in suburban railway lines in Mumbai: The scope of the project is the renovation of twelve stations in the suburban net­work of Mumbai for Mumbai Rail Vikas Corporation (MRVC) with the objec­tive of reducing the high accident rate derived from unauthorized crossings on the tracks. Among the main actions to be undertaken include increasing transversal permeability of the line (new footbridges), improving passen­ger flow inside the station (signaling, reorganization of spaces, elevators and escalators, measures for disabled people or an extension of platforms); and the provision of coercive elements to prevent crossings in unauthorized places (fences between tracks and a closed perimeter).

The company has developed suspension systems for new railway development projects in major cities. In Delhi, Met­alocaucho participated with CAF on the project for the line Airport-Expres and in the Delhi ‘s Metro with Bom­bardier; in Mumbai’s Metro network with CSR and on commuter lines with Siemens; Metalocaucho has also worked with Alstom in Chennai’s. The first phase has been developed in the headquarters, supplied from Spain or China, but for subsequent orders and turnover of units in operation, manu­facturing and logistics the works will be performed in the plant located in Bangalore (MTCIndia).

Chennai and Bangalore’s Metro: Participation in tendering projects. Shivaji Nagar stations and Bijwasan: master plan of these railway stations, designed to be over tracks and under the “world class station” criteria.

Project Manager for Metro Gurgaon. Siemens has supplied the entire rail technology, both rolling stock and electrification systems, as well as signaling. It has also been responsi­ble for the integration of all systems.

Besides having a commercial office, Talgo has sold various maintenance teams, among which we must highlight: two turnstiles model 2112 for the Metro of Bangalore in 2012 and two of the same model for the Metro of Hyderabad, one delivered in 2014 and another will be supplied throughout the year.

Review of the design and supervision of the construction for the duplica­tion of the high capacity Electrified Railway destined to freight transport in the strait Bhaupur -Khurja (336 km electrified double track). This is the first action within the Eastern branch called DFC (Dedicated Freight Corridor of India).

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