Mafex participates in a session organized by Aclima, Basque Environment Cluster on “The SDGs an Essential Ingredient for the Future of Your Company”

Aclima, Basque Environment Cluster organized on 24th September the conference “The SDGs, an Essential Ingredient for the Future of your Company”. The event hosted more than 30 companies and entities from different sectors with the aim of advancing in the awareness and dissemination of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the benefits of their application in companies.

The objective of the conference was to reveal the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and to identify companies interested in integrating them into their organization. To this end, the session was structured based on an inspirational talk to then go on to find out about different examples of organizations such as Aquadat, Zabalgarbi and Aclima which have implemented the SDGs in their management structures, and to end with a workshop entitled “Cooking with the SDGs”.

As for the institutional part, Iker Atxa, Director of Social Innovation of the Basque Government, opened the event and put it into context. Arantxa Atxa, Director of Unesco Etxea, explained the opportunities that the SDGs represent in the management of companies, especially in the SMEs.

The fight against climate change has become a global priority. Aware of the need to act together, railway transport has much to contribute to help reduce global greenhouse gas emissions.

Its own interest responds to the objective of Mafex as an association and through the value chain to reference the work and help companies in the sector to incorporate the different SDGs in their own business strategy and their daily activity in order to fully collaborate with the reduction of emissions and environmental care.

Source: Aclima, Basque Environment Cluster