Some mafex partners with projects in the UK


GMV has now formalized the constitution of a new UK subsidiary company to be based in the Harwell Innovation Centre in Oxfordshire in southeast England.Almost since its very foundation GMV has worked in close collaboration with British industry, especially in space projects. In 2012, as part of this development, GMV reached a strategic collaboration agreement in the transport area with the British traffic management systems leader IMTECH PEEK for joint development of advanced fleet-management and passenger-information systems and fare-collection systems. In 2013, as part of its ongoing policy of worldwide expansion, GMV set up a strategic business development plan in the United Kingdom. This involved the constitution of a new company, up and running since late 2014. As well as this latest firm, GMV also runs subsidiaries and offices in France, Colombia, Germany, India, Malaysia, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain and USA. The main goal of the new Oxfordshire subsidiary is to draw up a long-term project to harness the business opportunities offered by Britain, with an important base of operations and added value. Emphasis will be placed on the space market, and specifically in the segment of applications, earth observation, telecommunications and new technologies.


Idom is present in UK since 2001, with permanent offices in London, Cardiff (Wales) Manchester, Derbyshire, Keston and Moray (Scotland) provides engineering, architectural and environmental services. Idom team in UK is nearly 100 staff and it is fully integrated into the group IDOM( 2,500 professionals).

Idom has a wide expertise in the Railway Sector worldwide and in UK has focused on railway innovation. Idom has won several competitions throughout 2014 to develop rail solutions that Network Rail can implement in their lines of operation (integration and efficient catenary system design, “needle system” (see innovation section: Mafex magazine January 2015)). In the urban rail transport IDOM UK in 2014 developed a PMR project, an innovative transport system for Luton airport. In high-speed railways Idom since 2012 is engineering firm included in framework contract for the development of feasibility studies of phase 2 of HS2 between Birmingham and Manchester and Leeds. Idom is currently in the process of prequalification and forming consortia for ECI(design & built) phase 1 of high speed line between London and Birmingham.


Ineco takes part, alongside British consultancy Capita Property and Infrastructure, in the preliminary design of the third-of-five section of United Kingdom’s high speed line HS2, which will link the cities of London and Birmingham.


London Underground entrusted Indra with the design, development and rollout of the Metronet centralized alarm management system. This system works using a homogeneous platform, which monitors and manages the alarms received from heterogeneous infrastructure control systems, as opposed to the large number of systems which previously worked in isolation and with a limited number of users.

Thanks to this project, London Underground managed to guarantee that high priority alarms are monitored 24/7 and brought down the response times for maintenance teams, managing all the alarms through a single system with a homogeneous format.

The system began by controlling the alarms to 412 water evacuation pumps in stations, and then was expanded to include other systems such as marking, ventilation of tunnels, elevators and escalators, falling of leaves, etc. London Underground is responsible for the renovation and maintenance of two thirds of the London underground infrastructure, including trains, stations, marking, tunnels, etc.

Indra has also recently been awarded a contract with Transport for London (TfL), the agency responsible for the London transport system, which manages buses, underground and trolley cars in the capital, and also a road network of 580 km, to modernize the technology used to control and operate the 12 road tunnels in the city of London and 90 km of roads which connect with them. The contract includes the design, installation and commissioning of a new integrated management system for the London Streets Tunnels Operation Centre (LSTOC), and its maintenance.


The first locomotives manufactured by the Valencian factory, in cooperation with EMD, for the UK market were the 30 Class 67 locomotives delivered in 1999-2000 to EWS which were the first diesel locomotives at 200km / h worldwide.

Recently, based on its EUROLight locomotive platform, Vossloh España has specially developed two locomotives for UK gauge: a powerful diesel-electric locomotive (UKLight or Class 68) and a dual-mode locomotive (UKDual or Class 88) both suitable for passenger and freight transport.To date 25 UKlight and 10 UKDual locomotives have been sold. 15 UKLight locomotives are in commercial service for a year. The Dual-mode locomotives will be delivered in 2016, with a top speed of 160km/h and a power of 4000kW in electric mode and 700kW in diesel mode, they can run on electrified as well as on non-electrified lines.

In addition, Vossloh España is manufacturing the first train-tram for UK, for the operator SYPTE. It is a pilot train-tram project that can open the door to some other train-tram projects in the country.

Summarizing, the projects are:

■ 30 diesel-electric locomotives Class 67 (JT 42 HW HS) delivered in 1999-2000 to EWS.
■ 15 diesel-electric locomotives Class 68 (UKLight) ordered in 2011 by the leasing company BRLL to be used by the DRS for passenger and freight operations. They were delivered last year and are already operational.
■ 10 additional Class 68 ordered in 2014 that will be delivered late 2015 to BRLL to be also used by DRS.
■ 10 locomotives Class 88 (UKDUal) ordered in 2013 by BRLL for DRS. They will be the first dual-mode locomotives in UK.
■ 7 train-tram CITYLINK for SYPTE (Sheffield) ordered in 2013 will be delivered shortly.


The company Meatocaucho has participated in several projects in the UK.:

■ Primary suspension (Chevron Spring) for Bombardier for the London Underground’s Sub-Surface Lines
■ Primary suspension (Guidyng Bush) for Siemens Desiro UK
■ Primary and secondary suspensions for Siemens Thameslink (SF7000)
■ Primary and secondary suspensions for the following CAF projects:
● Birmingham Trams
● Heathrow Express
● Edinburgh Trams
● Regional Trains Serie 3000 and 4000 for NIR
● Regional Trains for Northern Spirit (Angel Trains)