Mafex prepares an intense activity schedule for 2019

Motion blur of a city and tunnel from inside a moving monorail in Tokyo.



In the international area, Mafex is backing for a further year to continue promoting Spanish railway services and technologies in countries with significant investment plans and project portfolios, such as the US, Brazil, India or Australia, where its presence will also be reinforced with a sectorial stand at the main trade fair in the country: AusRail Plus. In turn, the participation of Mafex in reference trade fairs such as UITP, which in 2019 will take place in Stockholm, or Middle East Rail (Dubai) will be consolidated.


Conventions and trade fairs

The Association will also hold a new edition, the seventh, of the International Railway Convention in Malaga, running from June 3 to 5, where the participation of representatives from approximately 25 countries and more than 125 high-ranking Spanish industry officials will be expected with an extensive programme of conferences, business meetings and technical visits and on which work is already well underway.

Particularly noteworthy is the holding, for the second year in a row, of the international fair and congress “Rail Live!”, From March 6 to 7, 2019, and in which the organisers work in tandem with Mafex to prepare a comprehensive agenda in order to address for two days the new trends in rail transport.

Amongst them, the challenges it faces in an environment of digital transformation, new ways of travelling, as well as the future needs of users will be taken on board.


Trade policy

 The Association will pay special attention to issues of trade policy and their industry impact, such as Brexit or the financing framework, as they are aware that trade in goods and services contributes significantly to greater sustainable growth and employment creation. The negotiations of the EU Trade Agreements with third party countries will be followed particularly closely, since in order to create new business opportunities and overcome trade barriers, it is necessary to observe first-hand trade defence instruments, whilst also ensuring effective protection of sectorial interests of sector and preventing bad practices.

In addition to internationalisation activities, in recent years innovation has garnered importance as a differentiating element in the competitive improvement of companies. It is for this reason that Mafex acts as a facilitator of supply and demand of innovation in different activities, supporting R&D with the aim of continuing to maintain the technological pace with other means of transport and looking for partner companies to be more competitive, innovative and technologically advanced.

The Association believes that collaboration and the implementation of joint initiatives are necessary to bolster the sector in different areas such as: projects’ technical offices and R&D, working groups, attraction of talent and institutional relations, along with the organisation of training sessions and technological missions. Likewise, and as is being done, Mafex will continue with the continuous approach to universities and technology centres, as well as start-ups with technology to promote collaboration between academia and the industrial sector.

During the year, working groups will continue to focus on identifying national and European invitations to bid, tracing and managing consortiums to submit projects and promoting the participation of partner companies in R&D projects in a collaborative way.