Mafex publishes the report into the characterisation and international presence of its partners 2016

The association has drafted a study into the main characteristics of the spanish railway industry, the destination of its exports and future challenges faced.

The report entitled “MAFEX: Characterisation and international presence of its partners 2016 “aims to offer an overview of the Spanish railway industry. For this purpose, the most relevant parameters of the companies that are part of the association.

In the first chapter “Report Presentation and Aims”, an explanation is given to the aims of this document to obtain a swift and simple overview of the companies that comprise the association and the export work that they and the sector as a whole have developed in recent times, and especially throughout 2016.

The second section focuses on “Trends within the Sector”, and spotlights the positive forecasts predicted until 2021, as has been duly seen in the data provided by the “World Rail Market” from Roland Berger drafted for Unlfe (European Railways Association). Along these lines, based on a worldwide business volume of 159 billion euros, growth rates are projected of an annual average of 2.6%, particularly in the sphere of inter-urban transport. Alongside this, progress in legislation is summarised, such as the Fourth Railway Package or the approval of the Resolution for the Competitiveness of the Sector. In addition, the main factors that ensure the increase and sustained growth of the demand for investments in this field in forthcoming years, along with the challenges to which the railway industry must respond and work on are highlighted: R + D + i; new technologies within the digital ecosystem; fostering of the analysis of the life cycle of the product, services associated with the product; dimension of the companies, more sophisticated proposals or professional training.

In the third section the “Definition and Sectorial Characterisation” is touched upon. Worthy of special mention herein, amongst other aspects, are the sectorial distribution of MAFEX companies: Infrastructure / Superstructure 43%; Systems, Equipment and Components for Rolling Stock 36%, Rolling Stock 14% and Information and Data Systems 7%. Likewise, data on export figures for 2016 is included in which these stood at 8.259 billion euros. If this amount, approximately 3.312 billion euros are strictly attributable to railway activities.

Fourthly, the report analyses the “External Activity of Spanish Railway Companies”. This section includes an export map of the industry, and provides information on the main destinations abroad, as well as in the autonomous communities of the country. At the present time, MAFEX partner companies are present in 88 countries, with more than 233 delegations and production facilities.

Finally, this information is completed with the description of some of the most representative examples of the contracts awarded to the MAFEX partners in 2016 and its 10 main destination markets: France, Finland, Portugal, Germany, United Kingdom, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Chile, Algeria and Kazakhstan.

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