Mafex supports the collaborative model among railway clusters through the EXXTRA project

Clusters are an exceptional network to stay at the forefront of technological developments and establish partnerships. It has been shown that the European railway sector must remain at the forefront of R&D&I. It must face industrial transformation, digitization, skills scarcity and a level playing field in terms of internationalization in order to preserve its leadership and continue to be able to successfully compete against foreign suppliers.

In addition, SMEs represent more than 90% of the railway industry and clusters are increasingly important stakeholders for them. The development and sustainability of SMEs and start-ups depend on their ability to stay ahead of technological developments, which has been a booming field in recent years. As a result, SMEs and clusters need to engage in broad and diversified networks to be able to adapt their solutions to the main trends and specific needs of a sector.

MAFEX, aware of the importance of this collaborative model participates in the EXXTRA project. The objective of this project is to help in the professionalization of the competencies and services of clusters towards the creation and consolidation of world-class clusters in the field of Railway Technologies. The project also has a pilot mobility programme based on the “ERASMUS” model called “ClusterXchange”. The programme allows short-term exchanges with other European organisations. It facilitates transnational cooperation, inter-party learning, networking, and the adoption of innovation among stakeholders from different industrial clusters across Europe.


DITECFER – Italia (Coordinator)

ARUS – Turquia

CenSEc – Denmark

i-Trans  – France

MAFEX – España


Rail.S e.V.  – Alemania