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Mafex trade delegation to Mexico

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Mafex has organised a new delegation in Mexico in which they have held meetings with transport representatives, such as the collective transport system of Mexico city.

A representation of six Mafex affiliate companies have taken part in a new Trade Delegation to Mexico. During their stay, an intense round of activities and meetings have been undertaken, amongst which and worthy of special mention are the meetings with the authorities of the Secretariat for Transport and Communications, of the Collective Transport System of the Mexico City Metropolitan Railway (STC) and Banobras, a banking institution fostering Mexican development that finances public works and whose involvement is essential for the development of railway projects.

The mission’s purpose has been to show the interest the Spanish sector has in participating in the development of the new projects announced by the Mexican Government, as well as bringing to the fore its undisputed levels of capacity, technology and time-served experience in this field.

At the present time, in Mexico the “National Infrastructures Plan 2014-2018” is underway, awarded a budget of 4.745 billion euros (95 billion pesos). With these funds, the aim is to undertake prioritised projects, both in the sphere of passenger rail as well as freight transport. Amongst the projected improvements, work is being carried out on the modernisation of signalling on the current network, along with the new connections and inter-city train between Mexico-Toluca or the “Express Train” that will link the new airport in the city with the station at Observatorio. Added to these are the expansion and improvement of underground lines in cities such as Guadalajara, amongst others.

Freight transport has also been prioritised as part of this plan. For this purpose, work is being undertaken on the improvement on those sections with the greatest demand levels. Notably, Aguascalientes-Guadalajara (Encarnación) and the Coatzacoalcos and Celaya Lines.

Likewise, it is worth mentioning the investor efforts made by companies such as Erromex, Ferrosur and Kansas City Southern de México (KCSM).

Conversely, Metrorrey, the Collective Transport System for Monterrey, has its own plans to expand and improve its fleet, safety systems and ticketing.

It is also worth highlighting the meeting between civil servants of the Suburban Railways, the tender which joins the capital with the State of Mexico and which is carrying out relevant studies for the expansion of its operation through the construction of three new branch lines.

Mafex has included in this delegation within the plan for activities in 2017 the current railway projects underway in the country, the reason why the strengthening of bilateral relations is of the utmost importance.

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