Mafex travels to Peru and Ecuador

A delegation of spanish companies visited major operators and infrastructure railway managers of ecuador and peru in march

Mafex travelled during March 23rd to the 27th to Quito and Lima with a dozen Spanish railway companies in order to see in first-hand the in­vestments that the government of Ecuador and Peru are planning to make on railway infrastructure in short-term.

Spanish engineering firms, manu­facturers of railway equipment and components, as well as developers of innovative technologies in vari­ous railway fields had the opportu­nity to meet with Metro de Quito, the Ministry of Transportation, the Ministry of Transport and Railways of Ecuador and various depart­ments of the Electric Train Author­ity (AATE), Proinversión, Ministry of Transport, PeruRail, Cosapi and GyM Ferrovías de Lima, among others.

There are two markets of great in­terest to companies that are mem­bers of Mafex. In the case of Ecua­dor, the railway sector has been in full renovation and rehabilitation of infrastructure since years, with an investment of USD 118,400 million. The creation of new ur­ban transport systems like Metro de Quito or the tram of Cuenca are also interesting. Moreover, the recent agreement signed between Spain and Ecuador to promote co­operation in the field of manage­ment of transportation systems and infrastructure development represents a new opportunity for Spanish companies.

As for Peru, the country plans to expand its rail network consider­ably in the coming years, mainly through public – private invest­ment initiatives. Only until 2016, the Government has allocated USD 5,300 million to rail infrastructure. Lima is also in full construction and expansion of its metro network, and other cities such as Arequipa also have their own plans for the improvement of urban transport