Mafex’s survey mission to Egypt and Kuwait

Egypt and Kuwait, two countries of interest for the spanish railway industry.

The objective of this mission was to reach a greater degree of knowledge regarding the railway investment level in the area, and to make the high capacity of the Spanish sector in the implementation and coordination of transport projects known. In Egypt, the working agenda started with the officers of the authority holding the Cairo Metro, the National Authority For Tunnels (NAT). In this meeting, the ongoing projects and future plans were analyzed. Among them, L1’s rehabilitation, expansion of the lines 3, 4 and L5 and L6 branches.

The round of institutional contacts included a visit to the railways of Egypt, Egyptian National Railways (ENR). There, the track renovation, new rolling stock and high-speed network plans were discussed.

In Kuwait, together with senior officials of the Kuwait Authority for Partnerships Projects (KAPP), large portfolio projects were studied in detail. Among them, the track modernization in order to strengthen both the freight and passengers transport. The network linking Nasseb (Saudi Arabia) to the City of Kuwait, which is part of the GCC railway linking project, was also discussed. Another issue was the improvement of urban transport in the capital through a rail network. All projects in which the Spanish railway industry is very interested.