Medina-La Meca High Speed train project

Ibertest was selected as the manufacturer for machines and equipment to perform Quality Control testing of High Speed train components to certify the products of participating companies from the Spanish consortium, like others who could, in the future, supply railroad elements to the organism that takes care of the maintenance of the constructed network.
Our experience in this sector, combined with the flexibility in the design and the high quality solution provided, were the key deciding factors to win this contract.
With these testing systems from IBERTEST, the Spanish companies will be able to demonstrate to the Saudi Arabian authorities that their products meet or exceed the following Quality requirements:
Bend testing of Flash Butt Welds of Rails: EN14587 y EN14730
Compression and bend testing: EN12390-4, ISO4012, ASTMC39, ASTMC683, ASTM1609
Bend testing of Sleepers: EN13230-2.