Mexico, a good business opportunity

The Mexican Railway Association and MAFEX have been working together for several years with the aim of creating synergies between mexican and spanish companies in the country.

Iker de Luisa, General Director of the Mexican Association of Rail­ways (AMF), explains that this association is formed by companies that provide rail services including freight, passengers and suppli­ers. Their efforts as an association are mainly focused on developing highly efficient railway networks to continue promoting the competi­tiveness of Mexico.

The rise in foreign investment in the country has as a key factor for the presence of railway infrastructure and connectivity between industrial parks, borders and ports. In turn, the railway is an important link in the transport for the domestic mar­ket, moving both raw materials and finished products. “Given the impor­tance that the railway system has taken, both cargo and passengers, the AMF maintains a close and pro­active relationship with the federal government to generate charitable projects for the country,” says Luisa. “This is why -the General Director of AMF continues- in the last two years we have been working on two Mafex visits with a dozen of Spanish companies who have come to Mex­ico to explore new business oppor­tunities. What we do is put them in touch with partners who are poten­tial customers and explain the cur­rent momentum in the rail sector “.

Basic recommendations
The Mexican Railway Association, wants to stress on the fact that Mexico is a good business oppor­tunity for the Spanish industry and that “the fact that the language and culture is very similar, makes it easier to conduct business in Mexico – says Luisa -. Although I suggest find­ing a partner/ally that can help the Spanish industry to understand in a better way the legal, technological, administrative, economic and social aspects, among other.” Once dis­placed the place, companies, almost entirely, encounter a problem. In the case of Sener, as it has been previ­ously explained, “the technical team (during the development of Metro Line 3 Guadalajara) has faced the risks of working with a TBM earth pressure near the cathedral city, which leads to conducting a com­prehensive risk control process, just like the company carried out in the tunnel of Sants Sagrera in the con­struction of the high-speed rail in Barcelona (Spain)”.

Iker Luisa, in continuous contact with Mafex, used the interview to “congratulate Mafex for his work internationalization of Spanish in­dustry and the dynamic support you when it comes to opening doors to other markets”.

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