Mexico will carry out 13 major rail projects

Mexico´s national infrastructure plan for 2014 – 2018 includes a comprehensive action plan to improve the national and metropolitan rail network. Investing in 13 major projects, from which five are destined to passengers, four to freight and other four to urban transport, will result in modernization of current tracks, extension of lines, signal systems and the contraction of new terminals.

As approved in the Nation­al Infrastructure Plan for 2014-2018, Mexico will caryy out 13 major rail projects. Executive plans on urban transport will increase the existing infrastruc­ture to invigorate communications in Tijuana, Merida, the Laguna re­gion and the eastern area of the State of Mexico. The plan aims to promote the expansion of services in existing tracks in other cities like Guadalajara, Monterrey, Aguas­calientes and San Luis Potosi. The works to be carried out include the following:

Thanks to this project, the distance between Manzanillo and Altamira will decrease in 200 kilometers and the travel time in 16 hours.

Transpeninsular Train
The construction of this passenger train will be a project to help mo­bilize more passengers in the Yu­catan peninsula. At the same time, it will be key to the development and expansion of tourism in the region. This project initiated the works in 2014 with an investment of €1,057 M.

Freight: More Speed
Regarding freight traffic, which ac­counts for 27% of transport, the aim is to increase the speed to ex­pedite such communications and achieve in a few years the mobi­lization of a third of the country’s goods transport.

In this case, three ring projects arise. First, in the city of Manzanillo a tunnel of more than 500 metres long will be built, improving traffic to the port. Furthermore, the works of Coatzacoalcos and Celaya, as well as those that will take place in Matamoros, aim to reduce the risk associated with railway traffic through these cities and improve business operations.
The following are considered to be the 3 largest projects: the trunk line Mexico-Toluca, the railway line Querétaro- Mexico City and Guada­lajara’s Metro Line 3.

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