MIMO, a new tool for maintenance of railway systems in tunnels

This Spanish development tool created by ALSTOM SPAIN and INDRA is compatible with all Adif rail systems, can reduce costs, ensure proper maintenance of each equipment, reduce travel times and ensure the safety of operators as well as unting the foundation of knowledge.

Alstom Spain and Indra have developed a unique software application in the market for the maintenance management of railway systems in tunnels. Available on Android and compatible with the tablets and smartphones currently on the market, this application simplifies, integrates and facilitates maintenance management.

The application, called MIMO (Intelligent Maintenance, Optimised Maintenance), incorporates new functionalities to the previously existing tools and interacts with Adif’s current systems, thereby facilitating integrated and complete management of all equipment and systems.

The needs of the railway infrastructure manager, of maintenance managers and of subcontractor companies were considered during development of the application, which has resulted in a unique, simple and intuitive tool for all agents who take part in the process.

With respect to previous applications, MiMo allows, among other novelties, consulting data off-line, managing the inventory of materials through QR codes, incorporating occupational safety standards (which all workers must read and accept before performing a specific task), entering data in real time, predicting incidents and subsequently analysing results.

The cost savings, the increased speed in managing incidents and more comprehensive control of inventory are consequently some of the main, immediate benefits of this tool, which is already being used in the main tunnels of the national railway system.

The alliance between Indra and Alstom Spain on this project is the result of the extensive experience that both companies have in installing and maintaining the safety systems in tunnels of the Spanish high-speed network. Specifically, the infrastructure teams of both companies have been in charge of equipping and maintaining the electro-mechanical installations of the 32 tunnels associated with the Ourense-Santiago line and the tunnels of the Pajares bypass, as well as maintaining the four tunnels of the Madrid-Valladolid line, which includes the Guadarrama tunnel, the longest in Spain at 28.8 km. Moreover, the INDRA-ALSTOM UTE [Temporary Joint Venture] is currently participating in the construction and maintenance of installations of the Antequera – Granada tunnels and of the Pajares tunnels.