Miryam Sánchez, Ineco’s new technical director of Waste Management

Miryam Sánchez joins the team at Ineco as new Technical Director of Waste Management. With a degree in Biological Science and a masters degree in Environmental Pollution, Miryam Sánchez is an expert in the management of waste in the field of planning, design, construction, facility operation, and implementation of software for the control and monitoring of waste in treatment infrastructure and waste disposal.

Ineco’s new Technical Director has a professional experience of 23 years and has directed over 30 waste installation projects in private and public companies such as Madrid City Council, Madrid Regional Administration and DHV Ambiental, as well as participated in the drafting of the state, regional and local standard.

Miryam has advised on the topic of waste management Latin American cities such as Quito, Mexico DF, Rio de Janeiro, Bogota, or entities like the Clinton Foundation, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the Spanish Federation of Residue. Furthermore, she has directed community acquis transfer projects on waste policies in Poland and Romania.

With this appointment, Ineco strengthens its Environment area and positions itself towards new possible contracts in this field.