Monitoring of new HS lines in Turkey

In November CETEST began the inspection of a new high-speed line in Turkey, owned by the state company TCDD.  It is a new double-track line built by the Turkish companies DOĞUŞ and YAPI MERKEZI, with a total of 700 km, which connects the cities of Ankara with Sivas.

Also, in this case for the company TCDD Teknik, a total of 1.250 Km at the high-speed lines between Ankara and Istanbul, as well as between Ankara and the Turkish city of Konya, have been inspected.

These inspections on high-speed lines include the measurement of the track geometry, including the calculation of equivalent conicity, as well as the measurements of the dynamic behaviour and current collection, for which the interaction between pantograph and catenary is analysed by mesauring contact forces, uplift and number of arching.