More complete projects thanks to Implaser’s BIM signaling

Cross-section of residential house. 3D image.

The BIM methodology involves a collaborative work system. It stores data, makes calculations or manages projects.

Programmes like Auto-cad used it for designing.  Now, most architects, engineers, etc., likewise, work with the BIM methodology. What does it comprise? It is a collaborative work system. It is used to store data, make calculations or manage projects.

Engineers, architects, technical architects, draughtsman, builders, etc. often work on projects in which all elements completely influence all defined information (including costs).

With the BIM methodology, the moment one of these professionals enters the slightest modification, the rest of the affected elements will be changed or adapted automatically. And these changes will be available to the rest of the project’s participants.

BIM our products

Fire safety and evacuation signaling is mandatory. Thanks to BIM application of Implaser products, you can create more comprehensive projects. Include these signaling elements afterwards, and very quickly, do a recount of the building’s needs (number of signs of each BIM signal type: evac or fire safety).

At Implaser, we digitalize signs in Autodesk Revit and Archicad. On our web, you can download fire safety (6 units) and evac (20 units) blocks in both programs.