Nanotec, new-generation composite


For the last two years, TECNIVIAL, S.A. has been working on a project co-financed by Spain’s CDTI (Centre for Industrial Technology Development) to create latestgeneration composites by adding nanoparticles to the conventional raw materials used in manufacture of GFRP (glass-fibre-reinforced polyester) products. Its focus on graphene and other carbon-derived nanoparticles has led to development of a composite that almost exponentially
improves the product’s mechanical behaviour, giving it high tensile strength, compression, impact and shear
stress values that, along with its lightness, make it an attractive alternative to steel or aluminium.

These latest-generation composites, branded Nanotec, have wideranging applications in the railway sector, from manufacture of marker boards through to track junction boxes and terminals, cable ducts and even overhead line poles.

All Nanotec signals are made at our factory to strict quality criteria that assure compliance with current railway
legislation. In 2018, TECNIVIAL, S.A. installed its first Nanotec marker boards on the high-speed lines operated by Spain’s ADIF. The response has been exceptional and in 2019 we will continue to install our new Nanotec signals
on railway lines throughout the country.

This year will also see the international launch of our Nanotec signals, which because of their outstanding combination of physical and mechanical properties and behaviour, low maintenance costs, ease of transportation and installation and exceptional capacity to withstand aggressive environments, are set to replace conventional signalling (in aluminium or sheet metal) in coming years.
The future looks bright as we start to explore the potential railway applications for our new Nanotec technology.

TECNIVIAL, S.A. will continue to innovate as part of its commitment to customer service.