NEM Solutions innovative technology allows Euskotren to achieves excellence in wheelset maintenance and management

“The implementation of integrated wheelset management tools by NEM Solutions has enabled us to reduce wheelset life cycle costs by approximately 10%”. Mikel Beitia, Rolling Stock Manager, Euskotren, Spain.

Euskotren selected NEM Solutions to automate safety-critical wheel inspections and integrate all data and information from wheelset maintenance activities into a single online application named A.U.R.A. wheel.  Through A.U.R.A. wheel, Euskotren is able to improve fleet safety, availability and reliability, at the same time as providing more effective and efficient maintenance.

Facing a need to reduce wheelset costs and to achieve excellence wheelset, Euskotren partnered with NEM Solutions to implement an innovative and advanced system for wheelset maintenance, combining both depot-based and track-based hardware as well as online management software tools.

In a drive to optimise wheelset maintenance further, Euskotren have partnered again with NEM Solutions for the installation and integration of a wheel flat detection and monitoring system ‘Wheel & Rail Doctor’. The equipment is located at Lugaritz, San Sebastián, and adds to the A.U.R.A. wheel’s ability to provide real-time information on wheel profiles, wear rates, early wheel flat detection, tolerance warnings.  This permits Euskotren to move away from a planned preventive maintenance approach and adopt a strategy of condition-based and predictive maintenance, thereby ensuring tasks are undertaken at an optimum time, reducing costs and improving reliability.