NEM Solutions leads the Saudi Arabian rail market in services for wheelset management and life extension with a new order from Saudi Arabia Railway Company (SAR)

Saudi Arabian construction company RTCC (Al-Rashid Trading & Contact­ing Company) has awarded NEM Solutions with a new contract for ad­vanced wheel life cycle management for Saudi Arabia Railway Company’s (SAR) workshops. With this contract, SRO (Saudi Railways Organization) and SAR, the two most important companies operating the railways, are provided with AURA wheel, a tool of cutting-edge technology in terms of wheelset management. The order includes two automatic wheel profile parameter measurement systems.

A.U.R.A Wheel provides full man­agement of the long-term planning of railway bogie and wheelset main­tenance, reducing uncertainty and over-maintenance in the planning of maintenance activities throughout the lifetime of wheelsets and of the rolling stock fleet. This leads to a more efficient and effective mainte­nance, and increased fleet availabil­ity for service operation.

Since their first contract in 2012 with SRO, NEM Solutions has moni­tored and managed the condition of over 40.000 wheel-profiles, ensuring an extended lifetime of maximum exploitation. This has been key to the fleet which operates in a harsh desert environment.

A.U.R.A wheel, currently manages wheelsets of over 36.000 vehicles, and this is expected to rise in 2015 by 40%. The ability to use Big Data techniques gives NEM Solutions in­creased knowledge and ability to ex­tend wheel life cycles in accordance with customer needs.

This new contract establishes the growing Basque company as a leader in Saudi Arabia of advanced rolling stock management and early fault di­agnostics for SRO and SAR fleets.

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