New compact system for depuration/reuse of waste water in railway workshops

Sistema compacto para depuracion de aguas-Aquafrisch
Sistema compacto para depuracion de aguas-Aquafrisch

The new Compact MBR-UV.01 system developed by Aquafrisch for tertiary treatment of wastewater with flows up to 500 m3/day allows the reuse of 100% of the effluent in railway workshops.

Compliance with environmental regulations for both recycling and disposal of waste water is guaranteed. The treatment effluents though the Compact MBR-UV.01 produces a water that complies with the most demanding regulations making it suitable for reuse in irrigation and/or discharge into public water, sewage or sea.

The equipment allows the production of high quality water without using chemical products, as well as the elimination of viruses and bac- teria by sterilization with UV system (without by-products) and pH control.

The system has been designed as a compact equipment, with no need for civil works and minimal interven- tion by operator in both operation and maintenance.