New electronic interlock for Moroccan rail service


the rail control solutions division of Bombardier transportation spain successfully completed the installation of the new electronic interlock that controls the first 40 km of the 360 km of the Tanger-Casablanca line in Morocco.

The interlocking location controls 50 point machines, 264 signals, 143 track circuits and 495 balises, being the first of a total of 4 EBI Lock Bombardier systems to be set up on the line. The new electronic interlock controls the first 40 km of the 360 ​​km of the Tanger-Casablanca line in Morocco. This stretch is the first to be comissioned of the Kenitra- Rabat- Zenata line; a line that connects the capital Rabat to Casablanca, the most important economic city in Morocco.

EBI Lock 950 computer based interlocking systems supervise and control wayside objects such as signals, point machines and level crossing protection equipment. The interlocking system receives among others, route commands from traffic control centres or local control systems, and sends indications or status reports back. The interlocking system checks that conditions for the commands are fulfilled, locks routes, and releases them after the train pases.

The Interflo 250 solution of that installation is also commissioned by Bombardier and has the latest EBI Lock 950-R4, as well as the modern EBI Link system (ERTMS L1), making it possible for these lines to be made available to the most advanced European safety standards, allowing them to increase the maximum speed of the line up to 220 kilometers, thus reducing travel times between the two main cities of the country. In addition, and considering the reliability and maintenance of the facilities, Bombardier is installing its OPTIFLO maintenance solution which allows the monitoring of all subsystems to optimize maintenance.

Kenitra- Rabat -Casablanca line has a total of 15 stations along its 130 kms. Two of the three stretchs of this line (currently in service) are being modernized with Bombardier technology, whose Center of Excellence in Signalling Systems, located in San Sebastian de los Reyes, also works to enlable the entry into commercial operation of the third line, as part of this project.