New facilities for Alstom Spain’s 3D Printing Hub in Santa Perpètua

Alstom Spain’s 3D printing Hub in Santa Perpètua, Barcelona, is opening new facilities. The new Hub has a component scanner, ten industrial FDM wire machines, and three SLA-DLPs, which enable printing tools and tooling for industrial centers and prototypes to validate designs, molds, and serial parts.

In the past year, the Hub has designed more than 258 types of parts, with a total of 13,978 parts manufactured. The new facility will allow for an increase in the number of components generated by 3D printing, including structural, functional, and safety elements, as well as the incorporation of new materials and techniques.

Created in 2016, within the framework of Alstom’s “Industry of the Future” program, the Santa Perpètua 3D printing Hub was the pioneer in incorporating this type of techniques within the Group, and currently, it is a world reference in R&D processes, as well as in the production of components.