New fire retardant plastazote® foams for insulation applications in trains, trams and undergrounds with classification according to EN45545 HL1/ HL2/ HL3

B0007P 0039


Some foams of the range Plastazote® with low density FR additives have obtained excellent results in accordance with EN 45545-2:2013. The classification is:




HL1 / HL2 / HL3

Plastazote® foams are cross linked polyolefin foams of high purity, with expansion by pressure nitrogen. The following properties can be considered for applications of thermal and acoustic insulation:

  • Excellent thermal conductivity value (?=0.037 W/mK)
  • Closed cell structure with very low water absorption, which avoids the problems of loss of insulation properties suffered by open cell materials.
  • Easy adaptability to curved surfaces.
  • Excellent properties for cutting and machining process

These products have been specifically developed for applications in climates with extreme temperatures and problems of water vapor condensation.