New homologation campaigns over HS vehicles

During the last months, CETEST as an accredited testing laboratory is participating in two important high-speed projects.

On the one hand, the high-speed project of the American operator Amtrak for the Northeast Corridor (NEC), led by Alstom. This is the busiest passenger rail line in the United States and can reach speeds of 165 mph.

CETEST is conducting tests for the Avelia Liberty homologation campaign, from the dynamic behavior validation (both stationary and on-track tests by means of instrumented wheelsets), to EMC, pantograph (dynamic interaction, arching and uplift), aerodynamic tests and modal analysis, among others. The first part of the tests took place in the TTCI ring in Colorado, then moved on to the NEC.

It is also worth highlighting the participation of CETEST in the Ilsa HS project in Spain. CETEST is helping Alstom to adapt their Zefiro V300 vehicle to the Spanish network by collaborating in the management and execution of tests prior to commercial operation.