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New lines, electrification and track doubling plans

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nuevas lineas-electrificacion ferroviaria en iran

The railway investment areas entrusted to RAI are quite diverse and extensive due to the scope of the planned projects. 

Due to the high volume of investments, especially in infrastructure and a new fleet, support packages have been presented regarding the participation of the private sector in the implementation of all these initiatives. This is reflected in the document “Opportunities for Investment and Participation in Development Plans of Railways of the Islamic Republic of Iran”. These include new links such as Isfahan-Ahvaz, track doubling in existing routes, as well as railway electrification works, procurement of new rolling stock to reinforce and modernize the current fleet. The high-speed deserves special mention, provided that 1,000 kilometers with links are planned between Tehran and Mashhad.

 New Isfahan-Ahvaz line

One of the projects entrusted to RAI is a new line of 545 kilometers that will cross the provinces of Isfahan, Khuzestan and Chaharmahal. The main cities of this route are Mobarakeh-Borujen- Lordegan- Ize-Ram Hormoz. An investment of 2,075 million Euros is planned. Once in full operation, it is expected to have a transport capacity of 45 million tons and two million passengers.

Track doubling projects

The projects entrusted to RAI include numerous improvements to existing networks, such as track doubling in the following sections: Ghazvin-Zanjan, Chadormalou-Ardakan, Meybod-Badroud, Badroud-Mohammadieh, Mohammadieh-Samangan Samangan-Doroud,Chadormalou-Jandaq-Mobarakeh and Jandaq-Tabas-Torbat-eheydarieh.

Line electrification:

One of the advances in Iran’s railway networks modernization is reflected in the numerous ongoing electrification projects. On one hand, RAI works on the Hormozgan (Sirjan-Bafq-Bandar Abbas) route of 613 kilometers, based on an investment of 200 million and a construction period of three to four years. On the other hand, “New Towns Development Company” is in charge of electrification projects for Baharestan, Fooladshahr, Golbahar, Pardis, Sadra and Sahand. These contracts include superstructure works, equipment, new stations and buildings.

Procurement of rolling stock

Renewal of the current fleet for both passenger and freight transport is another of the major transport investment programs. Iranian railways are seeking

collaboration with local partners to supply a modern, competitive, state-of-the-art train park capable of meeting the planned freight and passenger transport objectives.

The specific program for these stock procurements includes the incorporation of 618 locomotives, 1,558 passenger cars, 28,500 freight wagons, as well as 20 sets of repair and maintenance machinery.

Development of new corridors

The Iranian railways have a second ongoing development program for new railway routes. Under the title “2nd Lane Development”, there are initiatives totalizing 1,600 kilometers of rail.

High speed: Ongoing projects with Tehran and Mashhad

The high-speed lines in Iran are included within the development plans until 2021. Specifically, 1,000 kilometers of this type of branch are planned. The implementation of these projects counts on the collaboration of international railway industries such as the Spanish and Italian one. For example, in September 2016, a consortium represented by Ineco, the Iranian Moshanir and Hexa companies and the Italian Geodata company have all been awarded the electrification works related to the railway line between Tehran and Mashhad. Works that have a performance deadline of 42 months. This new infrastructure, of about 1,000 kilometers, will reduce in half the time of travel of passengers on this route. In addition, the freight transport capacity will be increased. The consortium will also update the civil works, electrification and rolling stock projects. There are also the tendering documents and specifications drafting for the works tendering and monitoring of rehabilitation works.

 Tehran-Qom-Ispahan high-speed ​​line

Early in 2016, the Italian railways (Ferrovie dello Stato Italiano) signed a high-speed collaboration agreement with RAI. Its objective is to support the technical assistance for the future Tehran-Qom-Ispahan high-speed line. This is a network of about four hundred kilometers. This agreement also includes support for the electrification works of the Tehran-Masada line.

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