New Mafex members

The Spanish Railway Association continues to grow with the recent incorporation of twelve new partners. MAFEX adds with these memberships a total of 92 companies that represent all the sub-sectors of a solid industry and that forges its path around the world. These are the new partners

We are a family business based in the Basque Country, north of Spain, with more than 40 years of experience and we are specialized in the manufacture of welded assemblies for OEMs. We support our clients through all the stages of the product life cycle: From product design, contributing our knowledge in process engineering and welding, taking ISO-3834 and EN-15085 standards as a reference, up to the industrialization of the product and its serial manufacturing.
Among our strengths, we could highlight the following:
• Development and management of the entire supply chain.
• Application of LEAN methodologies focusing on customer needs.
• Parameterizable product.

Colin Buchanan Consultores

Buchanan is an international Transport Planning consultancy established in Spain in 2007, but which origins date back to the innovative study “Traffic in Towns”, conducted in the UK by a team of researchers led by Sir Colin Buchanan in 1963, on urban mobility in the society of the future.

In railways, Buchanan provides expert advice on pedestrian and crowd simulation studies at metro & rail stations, modal interchanges, rolling stock (boarding & alighting studies), using the leading pedestrian simulation software, LEGION (Bentley Systems Ltd.) of which Buchanan is the only global accredited distributor. Our main clients are rail operators, public and private administrations, railway engineering firms and rolling stock manufacturers.

CEIT is a Basque technology center, founded in 1982 by the University of Navarra, and member of BRTA network (Basque Research and Technology Alliance). Its main mission consists on developing industrial projects by using applied research in order to improve the competitiveness of companies, as well as transferring both technology and young researchers into the industry.
CEIT has a 30 plus years of experience in the railway sector, focusing its activities in the following fields:
• Energy efficiency
•Railway Dynamics
•Predictive maintenance and CBM
•Big data analysis and AI
•Component and elastic elements characterization
•Signaling and embedded systems
•Positioning and navigation

Dominion is a global provider of multi-technical services and specialized engineering projects. It combines know-how, technology and innovation to make its customers’ processes more efficient.
Dominion provides railway transportation organizations with end to end solutions in networks, telephony, intercom, video surveillance, public address systems, passenger information systems, technical control rooms, DPCs and telecontrol solutions; integrated in control centers.
Our deep knowledge of the key technologies for Digitalization like IOT, Cloud Computing, Big Data Analytics, Computer Vision or Artificial Intelligence makes Dominion the perfect partner for the railway systems of the future.


Enyse is a Signalling company belonging to the Industrial Services division of the ACS group.
ACS Industrial Services is making a determined push in the railway sector, where Spain is an active international player. To this effect, it has taken Enyse under its direct realm, making strong investments in both human resources and technical developments. Within this context, Enyse has moved its headquarters and factory to a new venue in Alcobendas, Madrid.

Enyse’s human capital, track record and relationship with the ACS railway companies make it capable of offering a wide range of systems and services including Signalling but also power, telecoms or the maintenance of all electromechanical systems along any type of railway line.

Equipos Lagos is a Spanish company expert in the design of processes and products for surface treatment (sanding, metallic coating, painting, drying, polishing, etc.). It conceive turnkey solution, tailored to the reality of the plant and process requirements of the client.
Founded in 1982 it is now a leading company with its own know-how capable of developing large projects in any industrial sector. More than 14.000 installations and 26 distributors around the world supports the company expansion.
On the railway sector Equipos Lagos works side by side with renown international companies such as Alstom, SNCF, Bombardier, Samsung, Renfe, etc.


The Lantania Group focuses its activity on the construction of roads, railway infrastructure, building projects, water and energy. One of the differential characteristics of the company is its capacity to execute any type of railway project in an integral way.

The company has built more than 150 km of railway infrastructure, tunnels and viaducts, as well as more than 50 traction substations and more than 1,500 km of catenary. Lantania has a team of professionals with an average experience of more than 22 years in the sector and with the technical means of a machinery park with more than 1.200 references.


The new strategic vision of NRF has positioned its Granada plant as a new center for development and manufacturing of refrigeration units for the railway sector. This office works daily with the technology center in the Netherlands, supporting international projects and becoming a benchmark within the Spanish market. NRF manufacturing technology and expertise are at the forefront of the industry.

Our mission as NRF Spain is to spread, throughout the peninsula, the quality and service that our colleagues already provide in the Netherlands and central Europe.
Furthermore, offering a maintenance and replacement service for those installed units that require it.


ROSNI S.L., has the necessary capabilities to manufacture, repair and provide design on railway elements of significant dimensions, considered basic in structures and equipment.

In addition, ROSNI SL, is considered autonomous, as an important base in the manufacturing, both in the configuration of mechanical welding, as well as in machining, shot blasting, priming and painting, in addition to having the capacity to provide the corresponding quality documentation, both in intermediate phases. productive as a finished part through three- dimensional control certificates, welding, painting, in addition to others that may be required.

As experts in energy efficiency and automation solutions, we help railway segment to maximize energy and resources.
From the control center to the overhead line, we provide end to end smart urban and inter-urban rail mobility solutions, connecting field to enterprise.
Ensure safety, sustainability, reliability and uptime with the most complete energy management solutions for Traction Power, Distribution Power, Signaling Power and overhead equipment. Avoid unplanned outages, or recover quickly if they occur, with the widest range of connected power distribution equipment, power control, secure power, and related analytics for enhanced decision-making by ensuring efficiency from the design up to the systems end of life cycle.

Tekniker is a private nonprofit Research Center, whose corporate purpose is focused on the development of applied research activities aimed at improving the competitiveness of companies through technology transfer.
With extensive experience in the development of applied research projects in various sectors such as machinery and capital goods, infrastructure, renewable energy, aeronautics, automotive, agri-food, health … for which there are different solutions related to the development of mechatronic systems, industrial maintenance, automation and industrial robotics, functional surfaces, inspection and measurement, sensor development.

Ingeniería Viesca was born with the purpose of expanding the options available in the railways Power Electronics market in Spain. Since 2005 when we started our activity we have been facing, step by step, new technical challenges and innovations that have been reflected in the evolution of our solutions.
Today we customize our proposals to the specific requirements of the project, adapting voltages, powers, frames, … and we offer on board and workshop equipment (auxiliary power converters, battery chargers, power supplies, reactive or inductive loads, …) with high performance and high reliability.