New order from Bombardier Transportation for the installation of an underfloor wheel lathe

Torno de foso-DANOBAT_DLR
Torno de foso-DANOBAT_DLR

The division specialised in railways of DANOBATGROUP continues to expand its market share with a major order from Bombardier Transportation. The Canadian company has awarded the cooperative a contract for the delivery of a DANOBAT underfloor wheel lathe for the re-profiling of train wheels.

The DLR model (DANOBAT Light Rail) is capable of machining train wheels and brake discs. The machine features an option to work both with the axles still attached to the vehicle or with removed wheelsets and bogies. The many different configurations offer several machining capacities: wheel profile, inside and outside surface of the wheel, brake disks located on the inside or end of the axles as well as on the wheel, etc.

One of the key features of this machine is the standard fitted unique measurement system, capable of continuous high-precision monitoring of the railway wheel. This system is fully integrated on the underfloor wheel lathe and protected during the machining process to prevent damage.

This technology in conjunction with the smart user-friendly software DANOBAT SMART MACHINING drastically reduces cycle times while yielding an optimised machining process, increased reliability and safety of the process and a substantially prolonged lifespan of the wheels.

This project provides DANOBATGROUP the opportunity to continue working together with Bombardier Transportation, one of the largest manufacturers of rolling stock for the railway industry.