New rechargeable LED flashlights waterproof and highly resistant

The LR series incorporates an electronic microprocessor circuit that provides three levels of light intensity power, three flashing modes and an automatic ignition. These lanterns are new in the market with unique technical characteristics. The LR-1 and LR2 models are applicable to equipment of machines, cars, staff working on rail and catenary and maintenance companies. The reference LR-3 is a lantern signaling. Applicable especially in rail traffic. As technical highlights LR1 and LR2 in the models are:
◗ Three power levels of light intensity
◗ Three kinds of intermittency: SOS – Duty and Burst – Intermittency and burst.
◗ Front and rear signage
◗ Battery life: 2.5h – 8 h and 24 h.
We highligh in the LR3 model , in addition to everything reviewed in the previous models:
◗ Focus equipped with LED that allows the choice of all colors. These lanterns (all models) are tight and with a degree of protection IP67
◗ IK08 (Submersible 1 meter).
They are made of engineering plastics.
These new lanterns have been installed in the railway project of the Helsinki metro, managed by CAF.