New test accreditations for CETEST

The process of obtaining new accreditations within CETEST´s technical scope has culminated. ENAC has approved the extension of the CETEST LE/1385 file, including in the Schedule of Accreditation the following tests: Head pressure pulse test (aerodynamics), Dynamic interaction test between pantograph and contact wire by measurement or arcing (non-intrusive method) and Axlebox water tightness test in test bench for axle-boxes.

With these new accreditations, CETEST, ISO 17025 accredited laboratory, expands its technical scope and offers a wide portfolio of testing services. From structural tests (carbody strength test, static and fatigue bogie test,…) to on-track tests, such as dynamic behaviour test, simplified or normal method by means of own instrumented axes (also including stationary tests using portable platforms), EMC tests, aerodynamics, current collection quality, brake and traction performance, noise tests, among others.