New traction system for multi-voltage EMUS

INGETEAM supplies INGETRAC Medium power traction converters for Polish manufacturer PESA. Those Traction converters  are being installed on multi-voltage EMUS (3kV DC / 25kV AC) to be operated on the Czech regional network, at maximum speeds of 160 km/h. First vehicle is ready to start homologation process.

INGETEAM will supply 14 medium-powered traction converters and auxiliary equipment. The traction converter, located on-roof, is composed by  power modules based on 3-Level technology. The modular design has been optimized to meet customer´s requirements and newly-developed diagnosys tools have been included to ease maintenance tasks.

Ingeteam has done an innovation investment on traction systems for multi-voltage vehicles, that has been re-inforced with this project.