Norway: 30 km of double track

According to the National Transport Plan 2010-2019, 30 km of double track will be built between Minnesund and Steinsrud. This will provide saving travel times about 10 minutes for passenger trains. The line capacity will also increase, but not enough to be able to run more trains on the entire section. It will only be possible to double the number of train departures when the entire section between Eidsvoll and Hamar is completed.

This section of the line includes the following sections:
◗ Eidsvoll-Minnesund, about 7 km
◗ Minnesund-Kleverud, about 17 km
◗ Kleverud-Steinsrud, about 13 km
◗ Steinsrud-Sørli, about 3 km
◗ Sørli-Hamar, about 20 km

It is one of the busiest sections of single track in Norway. With a double-track line along the entire route, travel time of passenger trains between Oslo and Hamar will be reduced to one hour. It has been estimated a budget of around 10 billion Norwegian kroner for the whole section and the double-track line is expected to arrive in Hamar for 2024.